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If you are a target of a HMRC enquiry, in most cases they will already have an expectation that the enquiry will yield additional tax. At Howtosavetax Ltd, we can review your affairs to protect you from the possibility of a tax investigation or tax enquiry.


A critical review of your tax affairs could save you from the uncomfortable and expensive tax enquiry process. Get in touch with us in Belfast for immediate help and advice on the steps to take in tax investigations.

Have you become a target of an HMRC tax enquiry?

Ask us for a free review of your tax affairs

We offer a free, no obligation review of your tax affairs. This includes scenarios where you are concerned about aspects of your tax affairs, or where you are unlucky enough to have been selected for a HMRC enquiry or tax investigation.


In our extensive experience, you will need to critically review your situation before first contact with HMRC. Allow our tax experts to guide you, advise you and protect your interests. We have over 30 years of experience in tax investigations and tax enquiries. Our principal, Paul Kerr has experience of working in HMRC and has vast experience in how to successfully handle a HMRC tax enquiry.

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0800 955 6525

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