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The Howtosavetax Ltd mission is to help you legitimately and legally avoid paying more tax than you need to. Whether you are looking for personal assistance or want to maximise your company's profits, we can help you to do just that!


The simple fact is that people all over the UK and Northern Ireland pay more than their fair share every year, and the government is certainly in no hurry to pay them back. That is where a good accountant like Howtosavetax Ltd comes in.


Whether you are an individual or own a small business, having a specialist accountancy service on your side can make the difference between a good year and a bad one. You know how tight budgets have become – don’t pay more than your fair share!

Whether you are looking for help with your own taxes or want to maximise your company's profits, having an experienced accountant that specialises in tax planning is vital.


The right accountant for your business in Belfast

Most small businesses start with the intention of doing their own taxes, and perhaps all of their accountancy tasks, including payroll. As your business grows, though, you can’t really spare the time to do all the books right, let alone look after the tax contributions and pensions of a growing roster of employees. Ask yourself how much doing your own accounting is really costing you – even if you don’t make any mistakes, can your business spare that much of your time?


Ask for a free, no-obligation initial meeting in Belfast to assess your tax and accountancy situation and discover just how we could help make your business more competitive. You'll even find out how much you could save before you pick a plan! What have you got to lose?


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Belfast Accountants

Expert tax advice and general accountancy services for individuals and businesses

Howtosavetax is a Belfast based accountancy firm that specialises in saving you tax.


Tax Accountancy and Returns

Some people actually enjoy filling out tax returns, but most of them actually become accountants. We can take this task off your hands, and make filing your personal or business tax returns a breeze. We could even save you money in the process.


Tax Planning and Expert Advice

The key to saving money on your taxes – legitimately – is professional tax planning. We can help you by limiting your tax liability in advance, and arranging the kind of business structures that will ensure you don’t pay more in taxes than you need to.


Tax Investigations and Audits

Have you been notified that HMRC is looking into your taxes or accounts? You need an accountant with the relevant experience and our principal, Paul Kerr, has a wealth of experience in successfully handling an HRMC enquiry.


Professional Property Tax Help

Property taxes can be difficult waters to navigate without a skilled accountant and tax expert at the wheel. We can help with tax planning around property purchases, capital gains liabilities, inheritance taxes and even capital allowances claims.


Accountancy Services for the Small Business

All too often, an efficient tax structure can be the difference between a profitable year and a loss. Whether you are a sole trader, part of a partnership, a limited company, LLP or even an international business, we can help you minimise your liability.  We also offer company formation services.